Academic Vita

Current Teaching Experience

Introduction to Technical Theater/Design                                            2001-2005

Rehearsal and Performance                                                                       2001-2005

Theater Appreciation (face to face and on line)                                 2001-present

Stage Makeup and Mask Making                                                         2005-2006

Storytelling (General education Communications course)                  2005-present

Symbol, Self and Society (a collaboration with Visual Art Faculty) 2006

Music Appreciation (face to face and on line)                                    2002-present

Introduction to Acting                                                                          2005-present

Acting I & II                                                                                               2005-present

Theater History I                                                                                      2007

Improvisation and Exploration (an interdisciplinary arts course focusing on performance mediums)                                                                                      20011-2013

Interdisciplinary Studio I                                                                      2012

          Additional Teaching Experience

Community workshops in Stage Management for Theater and Events

Community workshops in Theater History

Community workshops in Mask Making and Story telling techniques