The Singularity

I am very proud of the fact that I directed Mary Poppins last spring.  The beautiful photo above was a moment created by many talented people:  Cari Lemon as Mary, Patrick Rogers technical director, Tasha Cooper lighting and Peter Bill projections.

But the original show created in 2012  with the students in the IDEA program called the Singularity was a highlight of my creative work.  Futurist Ray Kurzweil describes the singularity as the moment when man and machine will merge.  It’s about the time when virtual reality will be as real to us as the living world.   Written by Gabe Eyrich and Rob Torres, this work explores 4 women:  the innocent child, the mother earth, the skelton woman who must choose between the worlds, and the Raven woman who accepts death as part of life. Enjoy two clips from the production:

Dr. Suk Jun Kim – Sound, Anna Davis- Composer and actor, BJ Allen – projections, Peter Bill – projections, Zoe Wolfe, Actor.



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